Adpack Anti-Corrosive Gasify Paper 900mmX1000mm

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Adcoat Co.,Ltd. Adpack TK-810(M) Anti-corrosive gasify Paper 900mmX1000mm The anti-corrosive gasify paper evaporates anti-corrosive ingredient and wrap steel product preventing from stain and rust,and it does not need to wash the steel product before usin it. It works for steel material such as high carbon blade knife, razor, and any other steel products as long as it can wrap in the paper size, and putting in the box or putting in plastic bag to seal it. Please make sure when your steel product is not wet or dirty, and use it as room temperature. Usage: wrap steel product with the anti-corrosive paper, and putting in a box or plastic bag as sealing up. Size: 900mmX1000mm Activating period: 10-14 months Activating period, if it is sealed up or putting in plastic bag: 12-60 months