ARITSUGU A-Style Wa Gyuto 113/4" (300mm) Blade Knife

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ARITSUGU A-Style Wa Gyutou 11 3/4inch (300mm) Blade Japanese Chef Knife

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Blade Length; 11 3/4inch (300mm) Handle Length; 61/2 inch (150mm) Total Length; 19 inch (480mm) Knife weight is 10.8oz. The end part of the back width is 3.0mm(1/8h) wide.

HANDLE; Magnolia with Water Buffalo horn bolster BLADE; A Special alloy of Japanese Steel for suitable to Wa Gyutou. It is lighter, and sharper, and harder to rust.

This knife is called Wa Gyutou knife which is used for slicing, peeling, and cutting most of ingredients for all around with only this one just like American Chef Knife. It looks single edge knife for right handed, but it can make double edges knife too.

Most of Stainless Steel knives contain 14% to 15% of Chrome. The steel of A-Style knife by Aritsugu is an original steel, and it contains 7 % of Chrome. HRC of A-Style steel is 60 + 1 or - 1. It is little bid softer than Aritsugu Shiroko and Aoko steel knife blade.