ARITSUGU A-Style Wa Gyuto 210mm AUS-10 Octagonal Handle [out of stock]

Item: aritsugu-astyle-wa-gyutou-210mm-blade-w-octagonal-han210
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ARITSUGU A-Style Wa Gyuto 210mm AUS-10 Blade Japanese Chef Knife With Octagonal Shaped Handle with Magnolia wood cover

Blade Length; 9 1/2inch (210mm) Handle Length; 5 3/4 inch (145mm) Total Length; 14 7/8 inch (377cm) Knife weight is 4.0oz. The width of the spine by the heel is 2.0mm(1/16inch) wide. The width from the heel to the spine: 45mm (1 3/4 inch) HANDLE; Octagon shaped Magnolia with Water Buffalo horn bolster BLADE; AUS-10 stainless steel by Aichi Metal Co. C: 0.95-1.10% Si; less than 0.80% Mn; less than 1.00% P; less than 0.040% S; less than 0.005% Cr; 13.00-14.50% Mo; 0.10-0.30% V; 0.10-0.25% It looks 30/70 right hand set-up, but it is single steel blade, so it is able to make double bevel edge or left hand set-up too.