Aritsugu Deba 165mm Blue II Steel blade Knife

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Aritsugu Deba 165mm Blue II Steel blade Knife with Ho wood cover.


400 year old family business creating the finest quality knives and cooking utensils. Since 1560, 18 generations of the Aritsugu family has continued to pass along the forging techniques preferred by the imperial family. It started with Japanese Samurai Sword maker, Master Aritsugu Fujiwara.

Blade length is 61/2 inch (165mm). The handle length is 5 inch (128mm) The total length of the knife is 12 5/16 inch(311mm) The knife weight is 9.8oz. The back side of thickest part; 5/16 inch(7mm)

The knife is a good size for a small size job to medium size job. The knife is designed for fillet fish, or taking off meat from the bone, or cutting Lobster or crab leg, or working on something little bit bony ingredients, because Deba knife has the way thicker blade than regular knife blade.

Handle: Magnolia with a Water Buffalo horn bolster. The knife wood cover is also made of Magnolia with a pin stopper. The blade is made out of Blue II steel which is very suitable for Japanese chef knives. It is very hard steel and retains sharp edge longer. It is Kasumi style blade which is harder steel on the blade edge, and entire flat concave back side, and soft iron on the body of bevel side. Those different steels combinations make easier to sharpen knife, and make the knife stronger, and make it easier on the processes of knife making.