ARITSUGU Garasuki 180mm Gokinko Steel Blade Knife

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ARITSUGU Garasuki Knife with the guard 7 1/4inch (180mm) Gokinko blade for fillet Chicken, bony meat, and Fillet Fish

The total length of knife; 310mm(12 1/4inch) The thickest part of the back of blade; 4mm(3/16 inch) The weight of the knife; 9.9 oz.

Garasuki knife is originally designed for chicken (taking off chicken meat(de-bone) from chicken bones. It is great for fillet chicken, bony meat, crack lobster and crab shells, and fillet fish. It has thick tough Gokinko steel blade.

Gokinko steel is a special alloy steel, and it is almost like a blue II steel.