Aritsugu Hamokiri 240mm White II Steel Blade Knife

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ARITSUGU HAMOKIRI 10 3/4inch (270mm) White II Steel blade w/ wood cover

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Aritsugu Company

400 year old family business creating the finest quality knives and cooking utensils. Since 1560, 18 generations of the Aritsugu family have continued to pass along the forging techniques preferred by the imperial family. It started by Japanese Samurai Sword maker, Master Aritsugu Fujiwara.

Masamoto knife is used by Japanese professional chefs very much, however; Aritsugu knives are also the one of the knives brands used by Japanese professional chefs as well.

Hamokiri is for slicing every 2mm of pike conger fillet. Hamo means pike conger, and Kiri means cutting or slicing in Japanese. Pike conger fillet meat has lots of small bones, so it is very hard technique to slice meat and tiny bones at the same time every 2mm with certain speed. If someone wants to be Japanese cuisine chef in Kyoto, it is one of most required technique.

Blade Length; 10 5/8inch (240mm) Handle Length; 6 inch (152mm) Total Length; 15 3/4 inch (400mm) Knife weight is 11.4oz. The end part of the back width is 6mm(1/4h) wide.

HANDLE; Magnolia with Water Buffalo horn bolster. BLADE; Hongasumi style blade which is harder steel blade on the blade of the edge and softer steel on the body of the blade. Those different steel combinations make easier to sharpen knife and the knife stronger, and make it easier on the processes of knife making.

The blade is made out of Yasuki Shiro II ko(white II steel) which is very suitable for Japanese chef knives. It is very hard steel and hold on the edge very hard, and less impurities in the steel.

I found a video clip from U-tube. I checked up many video clip, but this guy is most skillful in there. Please check the video!