ARITSUGU Honesuki 150mm High Carbon Steel blade Knife

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ARITSUGU Honesuki 150mm High Carbon Steel blade Knife

The total length of knife;275mm(10 7/8inch) The thickest part of the spine of the blade; 2.7mm (1/8inch) The weight of the knife; 7oz. The width from the heel to the spine; 41mm (1 11/16 inch)

It is mono steel blade with single bevel. This knife is for boning knife to remove meat from rib meat or de-bone chicken meat. What is the differences between Garasuki and Honesuki are: Garasuki knife is for filleting whole chicken Garasuki blade is little thicker than Honesuki and it is not flexible, and the blade is longer with not much curve near by the blade of the tip. Honesuki is for deboning rib meat, so it has little more curve to be easier to remove the meat from the bones and little less thickness. The blade is little shorter too.