ARITSUGU Kyo Saki Unagi Knife

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ARITSUGU Unagi Saki (Kyo Saki) Knife 4 1/8inch(105mm) Blade

Blade Length; 4 1/8 inch(105mm) Handle Length; 4 inch(103mm) Total Length; 8 inch(205mm)

HANDLE; Magnolia and Water Buffalo horn.

BLADE; Yasuki Shiro II Ko(White II Steel). It has 1/8 inch(4mm) thickness on the back of the blade, and it has grip on the same back of the blade, and the widest part is 3/4inch(18mm). It is for fillet fish such as Unagi, Anago, Hamo, Dojo, Kisu, and Megochi in Kyoto style. Those fishes are most of times live and very slippery fish to fillet and Japanese chef has to fillet lots of them quickly so this kind of specialized knife is needed. It is called Kyo Saki (Kyoto style) Unagi fillet knife. The weight of the knife; 5.5oz.