ARITSUGU Sushi Kiri 240mm White II Steel Blade Knife

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ARITSUGU Sushi Kiri Knife 240mm (9 1/2inch) White II Steel Blade

This knife is called Sushi Kiri Knife which means slicing Sushi in Japanese. It is for slicing roll sushi and Hako Sushi (Battera Sushi). This type of Sushi knife is popular in Kansai areas where are around Osaka and Kyoto areas. Tokyo area uses Yanagiba or Takohiki knives for cutting roll sushi. I used to use Sushi Kiri knife at former work place a lot. It works very well. Especially, if we have to slice lots of lots of roll sushi or Hako Sushi. I could slice like 8 of small roll sushi one times or more than 4 of Futomaki Sushi(large size roll Sushi). If there are fat roll sushi like Futo Maki or Fat California roll, I could slice 4 or more one time with the knife. The knife is used with snap of wrist, and whole curve of the blade from heel to tip. When we slice sushi rolls, it starts from the heel side of the blade with the wrist and the knife tip is up angle, and release the wrist down motion, after the motion, sushi is touched on the tip of the blade, and the angle of the knife tip is down motion, and then reverse the motion to the beginning with backward with snap of wrist, and then it might be cut off the sushi, but if it is not cut off yet, pull the blade all the way using tip of the blade, so the blade is moved back and forth three times like 1,2, &3 motions.

Blade length: 9 1/2h (240mm). The handle length: 5 5/8h(143mm) The total length of knife: 15 1/4h(390mm) Knife weight is 13.4oz. It is Hongasumi White II Steel.