ATOMA 1/4 Size Diamond Whetstone #400, Rough Grit

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####I added utility knife and normal size Atoma Diamond hone in the pictures to make easier to figure out the real size of 1/4 size whetstone####

ATOMA 1/4 Size Diamond Whetstone #400, Rough Grit

Please click here to see how easy to produce slurry for Nakayama natural fine grit whetstone

Size: 4 1/2 inch X 1 1/2inch X 1 1/4 inch (115mmX37mmX33mm)

Weight: 4.4oz.

It is rough grit, but it is higher than #140, so it is great for lapping sharpening stone for medium grit hone and fine grit hone, and removing lots of steel or iron from the cutlery. It is smaller than normal whetstone size, but it has smaller sharpening surface, so it is easier to move on the whetstone without be stuck. It has plastic handle portion, so it is easy to hold it by hand too. It is ideal sharpening stone for lapping medium and fine grit hone, and it is great for slurry hone for fine girt hone. When the sharpening surface is worn out, it is able to change replacement sheet.

****After used the Atoma Diamond whetstone, we should rinse slurry well, and dry it. It prevents the rust of the Atoma Diamond whetstone*****