Custom Knife Case 500mm (19 3/8 inch)X103mmX114mm

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Custom Knife Case 500mm (19 3/8 inch)X103mmX114mm ****the knives in the pictures are not included. It is just the case.****

The case holds on 330mmX71mm wide blades. The thickness is probably up to 5mm.

Total weight of the case; 1lb. 9oz. The capacity of maximum blade length; 330mm (13 inch) The capacity of maximum width; 71mm (2 9/16 inch) The capacity of maximum handle length; 150mm (6 inch) It is able to install 3 pieces of blades . It is synthetic leather (brown outside portions). Real leather is possible to make it, but it is going to be hard to clean, so we pick high quality synthetic leather. My father (own a small leather crafts company for over 60 years) and I (Aframes Tokyo) have spent to make the virtual useful knife hard case for almost 10 years. I had a concept just like a martial art master taking away opponent sword by binding it in his hands which is called "shin Ken shiraha dori" in Japanese. That technique does not choose any size and any shape of the swords. I wanted to keep the blades in safe to carry and universal size hard case are the bottom line of the concept too, however it has been very hard time to make as the virtual case. My father made more than 10 prototypes for over years. I really appreciate my father to make it real thing. It was just my idea and it might be gone somewhere in my mind if he does not help me to make it real. Hopefully, it will be good useful case to have it for someone.