Fudo Kuniyuki Kamagata Usuba Mizu Honyaki 240mm knife

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Fudo Kuniyuki Kamagata Usuba Mizu Honyaki 240mm Mirror Finish Blade with Ebony Handle w/ Ho wood Cover

Fudo Kuniyuki knives are made by Genkai Masakuni . I think that the name is used for the other cooking knife maker. Genkai Masakuni is the only one apprentice under Heian Okishiba Masakuni. Okishiba Masakuni was pioneer to make high-end Mizu Honyaki cooking knife. His Mizu Honyaki is famous for the sharpest edge and retaining longest sharp edge. He had just had one apprentice, and it is Genkai Masakuni, and he is also over 70 years old, and it is very hard to get in Genkai Masakuni knife nowadays. Even masters those who are working in Sakai high-end cutlery industry, they often talk about his work, and they also collect his knife**** The ebony handle has still plastic wrap, and it looks it has never used it, but it looks it has kept for a long time, and it does not have any rust, but I cleaned it up and sharpened the bevel with #2000 stone quickly.

I cannot prove it, but Infeel that it should be made at least 20 to 30 years ago. The original price should be very expensive at the time. The Hira (the flat portion next to the bevel) is mirror finish. It shows a ripple line (hamon) on the shinogi line on the bevel side. It also shows a ripple line on the flat concave side as you can see in the pictures.

The knife does not show what kind of steel is used, but it should be Mizu Honyaki white I or II steel.

The handle is ebony w/ water buffalo horn, and it is still plastic wrap on the handle tightly. The saya is also original saya, and the pin was missing, so I made one (ebony) for it in the picture.

The blade length (from the tip to the machi ): 240mm (9 1/2 inch)

The total length of the knife: 400mm (15 3/4inch) The heel part of the spine width: 4mm (3/16 inch) The total weight of the knife: 9.1oz. The width from the heel to the spine: 48mm (1 15/16 inch)