Fujiya Orihi Type 63mm blade Razor with an original hard case

Item: fujiya-orihi-type-63mm-blade-razor-with-an-original-hard-ca63
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Vintage Fujiya Orihi Type 63mm blade Razor with an original hard case

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I really do not know the origin of the name, Orihi, but Ori is hold, and Hi is gutter in Japanese.

It might derive from the look like a held gutter.

Orihi type is an original shape of Japanese razor. The shape of single bevel Japanese razor that we see all the time became popular after Samurai era (approximately 150 years ago). I really do not know how old it is, but it must be made many decades ago. Orihi type Japanese razors are sometimes seen on used market, but the most of them are worn a lot even to find out the original shape. This one is still in excellent shape, and it looks it hardly use it, or it is used very gently. It is right hand single bevel edge blade with flat bevel with no concave, and it has V shape deep concave on the flat side. It is able to see Jigane (soft iron) and Hagane (hard steel) portions, so it must be made by skillful bkacksmith.

The total length of razor: 6 inch (150mm) The weight of razor is 0.8oz. The width of spine side of the heel: 2mm (1/8 inch) The width of the razor blade on the heel: 18mm (1/2 inch)