H. DIAMOND 594 Extra Steel 75mm Blade Hollow Ground Straight Razor

Item: H-DIAMOND-594-Extra-Steel-75mm-Blade-Straight-59476
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H. DIAMOND 594 Extra Steel 75mm Blade Straight Razor

The razor looks what it has been used gently. It looks high class professional barber straight razor at the time. It has minor stain or rust spots on the blade. I have polished some minor stain and rust.

It might be at least 30 to 40 years old. The blade length: 75mm (2 15/16 inch) The total length of the razor when it opened: 245mm (9 3/4 inch) The shoulder width of the blade: 6mm (1/4inch) The width of the blade: 18mm to 19mm (11/16 inch) The total weight of the razor: 1.8oz.