Hawaiian Koa Magic wand (Koji-Bo) that fixes crooked blade by lever [out of stock]

Item: hawaiian-koa-magic-wand-kojibo-that-fixes-crooked-blade-by-lever
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Please click here to see video

Magic wand (Koji-Bo) that fixes crooked blade by lever

Total weight; 13.5oz. Total length; 555mm I made one of them from my old Hawaiian Koa furniture that had been my house more than 25 years, and my ex boss (cabinet make made it). I had some more material, and I could make 5 more. I use about several months now my new magic wand, and Koa is hard wood, so it is better than soft wood one that I had. I am very happy to use it right now. It works very well.

There are three wide slots (approximately 5mm) and thee narrow slots (approximately 2mm) If the blade is crooked or wrapped, one of the easiest ways to fix is to use wood block with slots like the pictures or video clips. Please make sure where is the point starting on crooked, and the portion should be the place to set the corner of the slot, and levering the blade. Please start light force at the beginning, and if it is not work, gradually, adding more force to take a time. That prevents the damage of the blade, and I recommend not attaching the edge on the slot. It might get chip on the blade. If it does not work, we have to use hammer and anvil, but it makes scratches on the blade, so if we are not good at it, we should not try to do it, and leaving up to professional people.