Hisamoto Curving Knife 330mm Tokushuko steel blade Mizu Honyaki

Item: hisamoto-curving-knife-330mm-tokushuko-steel-blade-mizu-hony330
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Hisamoto Curving Knife 330mm Tokushuko steel blade Mizu Honyaki Meat Slicing Knife with Makassar ebony & Integral Bolster I have got two of the same style different size knives in Japan. I was told that they were made at least 18 years ago, and the blacksmith was retired long time ago, and they are not able to make anymore. It is single steel Mizu Honyaki (water quench), and it is one body from the tip to the grip end. The bolster is also a part of the steel, and the bolster is not welded. Of course, it is forged by hammer to make the shape, and cut and file and sanding down. It is not also cut out the blade by die cutting. The outside of the paper box has the name of the knife as curving knife, and I was told they were made as steak slicing knives (slicing meat and tapping by a bump on the spine to make the meat softer. One of the knife was placed the order decades ago to the cutlery store in Japan where I purchased them, so the owner of the store had placed the order a couple of more pieces in case of the chef might place the order another later on.

The knife looks like weapon, so the owner of the store scares to sell it in Japan. It might be indicted by law in Japan, so I am so lucky to get them.

It was made skillful blacksmith who made it from the single piece steel from the blade, and the hilt, and tang. No welding the bolster. Classic style. I was told it was water quench blade. The handle looks like Makassar ebony. The owner of the store told me that they are very expensive at the time. Probably, we will not see them again.

I do not know what is exactly Tokushu-ko (special alloy) steel.

Blade Length (from the tip to the heel); 13 inch (330mm) Handle Length; 5 1/4 inch (132mm) Total Length; 18 1/4 inch (465mm) Knife weight is 12.1oz. The spine width near by the bolster 3mm (1/8 inch) wide. The width from the heel to the spine: 33mm (1 5/16) inch HANDLE; integral bolster Makassar ebony BLADE; Tokushu-ko steel (special alloy)