Ikkanshi Tadatsuna Ajikiri Knife 105mm White II Steel Blade

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Ikkanshi Tadatsuna Ajikiri Knife (4 1/8h, 105mm) White II Steel Blade for Fillet Small Fish

Awataguchi Ikkanshi Tadatsuna was originally started by the first Ikkanshi Tadatsuna who is a very famous Japanese sword blacksmith about 400 years ago, and the son of the second Ikkanshi Tadatsuna inherited the father works. Their swords are very famous unique beautiful ripple line on the blade, and their unique and beautiful metal-carving at the base part of the blade.

Japanese knife brand, Ikkanshi Tadatsuna is inherited their 400 years of Japanese sword making skills.

Awataguchi is one of seven Kyoto entrance. There is also very famous place for lots of well-known sword blacksmiths from 900 years ago. Ikkanshi Tadatsuna was started at Awataguchi, Kyoto. It is located on Sakai, Osaka where is also very famous as a blacksmith city since 1929.

This knife is called Ajikiri which means filleting horse mackerel in Japanese. The knife is designed for filleting various kinds of small size fish. The blade is white II steel edge Hongasumi Style. The length of the blade: 4 1/16h (105mm) The total length of the knife: 9 1/4h (232mm) Knife weight is 3.2oz. The end part of the back width is 3mm (1/8h) wide.