Ikkanshi Tadatsuna Usuba 180mm White 2 Steel Blade Knife

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Ikkanshi Tadatsuna Usuba 180mm White 2 Steel Blade Knife

Awataguchi Ikkanshi Tadatsuna originally started by the first Ikkanshi Tadatsuna who was a very famous Japanese sword blacksmith about 400 years ago, and the son of the second Ikkanshi Tadatsuna inherited the father works. Their swords are very famous unique beautiful ripple line on the blade, and their unique and beautiful metal carving at the base part of the blade. Japanese knife brand, Ikkanshi Tadatsuna has inherited their 400 years of Japanese sword making skills.

The blade is white 2 steel Hongasumi style blade. Ikkanshi Tadatuna blacksmith is favor to use white 2 steel which is pure carbon steel, and it comes out so sharp like razor blade. It has Japanese Magnolia handle with water buffalo bolster.

The blade length (from the tip to the Machi): 180mm The total length of the knife: 320mm The backside of the thickest part of the blade: 4mm (1/8) The width from the heel to the spine: 44mm (1 3/4) The total weight of the knife: 7.8oz.

Usuba is great for peeling vegetables, slicing vegetables, and curving vegetables acculately.