Ikkanshi Tadatuna Sujihiki Knife 270mm White II Steel Balde

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Ikkanshi Tadatsuna Japanese Style Sujihiki 270mm White II Steel Blade with Octagon shaped Handle & Wood cover.

Awataguchi Ikkanshi Tadatsuna was originally started by the first Ikkanshi Tadatsuna who is a very famous Japanese sword blacksmith about 400 years ago, and the son of the second Ikkanshi Tadatsuna inherited the father works. Their swords are very famous unique beautiful ripple line on the blade, and their unique and beautiful metal-carving at the base part of the blade. Japanese knife brand, Ikkanshi Tadatsuna is inherited 400 years of Japanese sword making skills.

Awataguchi is one of seven Kyoto entrance. There is also very famous place for lots of well-known sword blacksmiths from 900 years ago. Ikkanshi Tadatsuna was started at Awataguchi, Kyoto. It has been located on Sakai, Osaka where is also very famous as a blacksmith city since 1929.

The blade is made of high quality white steel iron sand from at scratch with just like a traditional way to make Japanese sword one by one. Octagon shaped Magnolia handle with water buffalo bolster, and Magnolia beautiful shaped wood cover with it.

The blade length: 270mm The total length of the knife: 420mm The backside of the thickest part of the blade: 2mm The total weight of the knife: 4.2oz.

The knife is very thin blade and lightweight. It is not easy skill to make thin blade like Ikkanshi Tadatsuna does. To make thin blade with lower skills, it is caused on cracked blade or broken blade or bent blade.