Iwasaki Tamahagane 45mm FF Straight Razor made by shiozawa Tadaaki

Item: iwasaki-tamahagane-45mm-ff-straight-razor-made-by-shiozawa-tadaa45
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Iwasaki Tamahagane 45mm FF Straight Razor made by shiozawa Tadaaki

These types of straight razors have lots of mystery to me. It is single bevel edge kamisori with western style scale. I have seen similar style like Hishakaku, etc., with the other straight razor brands. I have also seen the same style Iwasaki razors before, so it might not be someone just modifies the kamisori into the straight razor putting on the scale for personal use. Tang was curve just like normal straight razor, and it has stamp made by Shiozawa Tadaaki, so it might be professional job. However, I do not know why it has King Pelican scale is on it.

Iwasaki razor co., made lots of OEM items to the other makers and distributors, so it might be one of them, but I really do not know about the history of the razor, but the razor itself is Iwasaki kamisori, so we can enjoy the Iwasaki kamisori with western straight razor handle.

I have polished the razor little bit, and I will sharpen before shipped it out. It looks it might be used gently, and it has got some minor rust and stain as you can see in the pictures.

The blade length: 45mm (1 3/4inch) The total length of the razor when it opened: 238mm (9 1/2 inch) The shoulder width of the blade: 5mm (3/16inch) The width of the blade: 17mm (11/16inch) The total weight of the razor: 1.0oz.