IWASAKI Tamahagane Echigo Munenori Shaped 58mm blade [out of stock]

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IWASAKI Tamahagane Echigo Munenori Shaped 58mm blade with Japanese wisteria handle in paulownia wood box.

***********************************************************I think clear front and white color back vinyl case is little bit tear on the side. I think Iwasaki used old new vinyl case in stock for a long time without ordering to purchase 1000 of new vinyl cases that might be higher the razor price. They cannot make 1000 of Tamahagane razors anyway (all I have got are 10 pieces in over two years). Iwasaki gave me the same price as two years ago, so Japanese Yen / U.S. dollar foreign exchange rate is worse than two years ago, but I stay the same price too. The razor itself is wonderful shape, so we cannot complain for it (actually, they do not want to make Tamahagane razor which is much harder than Sweden steel blade razor making, but they have 70 years plus old high quality Tamahagane steel , so they did not want to waste them, so they have made Tamahagane razors for us little by little spending for two years). ***********************************************************

IWASAKI RAZOR--- Sanjo Seisakujo was established by Mr. Shigeyoshi Iwasaki's father, Mr. Kousuke Iwasaki who is a very famous researcher for old Japanese sword and revival. His life is deeply related with Japanese sword. He wanted revival Tamahagane which is used steel for Japanese sword that is NO.1 steel in the world for blade for Japanese sword. He wanted to research old national treasure swords, and concealed documentations, so he went to Tokyo university which is NO.1 school in Japan, and got bachelor's degree with literature and maser degree. Actually, he researched national class of treasure swords and concealed documentations, and then he went to the same school again NO.1 in Japan with engineering major in metallography. He got bachelorfs science and master degree with metallography too.

He graduated two major bachelor and master for just wanted to be true his dream to make Japanese sword (Tamahagane blade).

He also became apprentice for Japanese sword blacksmith and Japanese sword whet master.

Then he established Sanjo Seisakujo which makes world famous Iwasaki Razor. He had kept on research steel for blade, and he has influenced a lot to Sanjo steel industry in Nigata, Japan, and has also influenced to steel industry in Japan a lot.

Tamahagane razor by Iwasaki is very hard to come by. I placed the order 20 pieces of Iwasaki Tamahagane razors over two years ago, and this time, I have just got 10 pieces of them. It was the same last time, I had placed the order 10 pieces 4 years ago, and I got 7 of them two years after.

If they need to 50 pieces of Tamahagane razors, they have to make 100 pieces of the tempering and quenching process razors, because they have possibility to fail 50% of tempering and quenching processes. Tamahagane is the one of the most purity carbon steel, so it is very hard to success the processes.

The blade length: 58mm (2 5/16 inch) The total length of the razor: 173mm (6 3/4 inch) The spine of the thickest part of the blade: 5mm (3/16 inch) The total weight of the razor: 1.9oz.