KANOYAMA Kanayama Cordovan Razor Board Strop 210mmX70mmX28mm

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KANOYAMA Kanayama Cordovan Razor Board Strop 210mmX70mmX28mm

The top side of finest Cordovan strop is about 2-3mm thick, and the bottom side of strop is about 3-4mm thick that is lower grit than the top side of finest Cordovan. It can use before starting the finest Cordovan, or we can use it as we need it. It is much useful than canvas strop, because it is much higher grit than canvas strop. KANOYAMA strops have longer and thicker strop version which is more expensive, but they are the same grit as this one. Thicker and longer version of strops are used older horse Cordovan, and this one is used younger horse. To sharpening razor, the both of them get the same excellent result.

Older horse thicker version is harder, so it is stronger, and younger one is little bit softer, so it makes us feel good to touch it, but we have to have little more attention to use it carefully avoiding the damage of the strop.

****** Cleaning and maintenance Kanoyama Cordovan Razor Strop:

What we should do is to use clean cotton towel soaking in lukewarm water, and it should be not too much wet, but not too dry the towel. And then, we wipe the strop the front side of the strop until little before the lukewarm water going through all the way to the back side, and then it makes dry naturally. That is the way what we make the strop making shinny and smoother. According to Mr. Naomi, we should not apply on any oil on Cordovan strop. The oil collects dust, and it makes losing smoothness on the Cordovan strop, and it makes not as the finishing quality strop anymore. *******