KANOYAMA Kanayama Replacement Suede Strop 600mmX65mm

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About This Item

KANOYAMA Kanayama Replacement Suede Strop 600mmX65mm with a hardware clip

It is made by Mr. Naomi who makes Kanoyama Cordovan strop. It has no stamp on the suede strop. The suede strop is made out of horse hide (natural material). They are off grade of Cordovan grade horse hide that has scratches or minor scars; therefore if you look for the suede strop without any scratches or scars, etc., we do not have it. Of course those scratches and scars are no problem for stropping razors.

If I am not afraid what I say, the Cordovan strop is like fine grit strop, and the suede strop is medium grit strop, and the canvas strop (washed or well-used) is rough grit strop.