Kyo Ningyo sewing shears 105mm Blue II steel

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Kyo Ningyo sewing shears 105mm Blue II steel

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It is made by Saito Scissors Co. in Sanjyo, Niigata. The center bent portion is very thin compared with other makers, so it is smoother to close and open by less force. The tip of the blade is very sharp, so it is easier to cut off thin thread or tiny thing using the tip.

It is great for cutting thread for sewing, and cutting short distance of cloth. It fits in our palm, and we do not put our fingers into the two holes, so we are able to faster and quick movement to cut the thread or cloth or paper. Nigiri basami is loved by Japanese people for hundreds years. My father has had leather crafts company for over 50 years before I born, and it has always had besides me since I born. It is very popular to be used by leather crafts or sewing people.

The blade length: 35mm (1 3/8 inch) The total length of the shears: 105mm (4 1/4 inch) The total weight of the shears: 0.6oz.

This master piece is used one of the high-end cutlery steel blue II steel. Please put on small amount of cutlery oil avoiding the rust once in a while.