Kiritsuke Yanagi 180mm Carbon steel blade Knife

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About This Item

Unused Kiritsuke Yanagi 180mm Carbon steel blade Knife w/ water buffalo ferrule & Japanese Magnolia handle

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We have got lots of unused blades from Sakai, Osaka before. I do not know how old they are and which brand they are. This blade is from one of them. It has thick spine and it is tapered to the tip, so it is not cheap contemporary cut-out construction. It looks hand forged blade with kasumi style.

I am not sure what kind of steel on the edge, but it looks white steel, and I felt it is not cheap steel, so I guess what it might be white II steel or white III steel (or little possibility Yellow II steel). I installed the blade on octagonal shaped water buffalo & Japanese Magnolia handle. It had some rusty spots and chipped edge, and I clean and sharpened, and removed the rust as much as I could. It is ready to use.