KURATA MANPO Eyelash Tweezers 80mm Mirror Finish

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About This Item

KURATA MANPO Eyelash Tweezers 80mm 18.8 Stainless Steel Mirror Finish with paulownia wooden box.

It is designed with pulling out a piece of 5/1000mm downy hair without cutting off.

***Right before paid 20 pieces of those Manpo eyelash tweezers, the price was already up, but I had placed the order a couple years ago, so I have got the same price, but they will be much higher the retail price after running out this time purchased tweezers.****

Kurata Mampo is the third generations of traditional Edo(samurai era Tokyo) hair tweezers craftsman. His Tweezers are one of the most realizable tweezers in Japan He makes his tweezers with the traditional way of skill and improving the traditional way too.

The original 18.8 stainless steel bar has thicker than the thickest part of the tweezers (middle portion), and it is thinned on the tip and U shaped end by pounding machine hammer.

*** Exquisite Blade edge

*** Natural gentle spring pressure

*** It is forged by thick 18.8mm stainless steel, and beautiful curve line

*** It is polished by high quality of mirror finish that is possible to see our faces, and wonderful matt polish finish too

**** The blade edge is very sharp, so please be careful, and treat as cutlery edges.

**** If we try to open more angles of the tweezers, it might be lost the precision

The blade width: 3mm (1/8 inch)

The total length of the tweezers: 82mm (3 1/4 inch)

The total weight of the tweezers: 0.2oz.