LEFT HAND! Aritsugu 330mm Yanagiba White Steel Knife

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LEFT HAND ARITSUGU Yanagiba Knife 13 inch (330mm) blade W/ Magnolia Handle and Magnolia Wooden Cover

Blade Length; 13inch (330cm) Handle Length; 6 inch (150mm) Total Length; 19 1/4 inch (490mm) Knife weight is 10.7oz. The end part of the back width is 5mm(1/4h) wide.

HANDLE; Magnolia with Water Buffalo horn bolster. WOODEN COVER: Magnolia Wooden Cover with a pin BLADE; Hongasumi style blade which is harder steel blade on the blade of the edge and softer steel on the body of the blade. Those different steel combinations make easier to sharpen knife and the knife stronger, and make it easier on the processes of knife making.

This knife is left hand blade Yanagiba knife. The blade is made out of Yasuki White II Steel which is very suitable for Japanese chef knives. It is very hard and sharp steel and hold on the edge very hard.