Machida Itsushi (Tadashi) 48mm Multiplex Layer Bohler K990 [out of stock]

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Machida Itsushi (Tadashi) 48mm Multiplex Layer Bohler K990 blade /Nickel Damascus Handle Japanese Razor


1988 Start making Knife 1991 World Cutlery Design Competition in Sakai Awarded grand prize 1993 Study under Sword smith Mr. Masami Ohno 1996 All Japan Sword Smith Association Assist. Member 1997 Shouhinten Awarded grand prize 1998 Mainly forging High Carbon Blade

Member of Japan Knife Guild (JKG), Member of JCKM (Forging Knife)

Main forging Steel: White II Steel, Takefu V1, Bohler K990, Tamahagane

Mr. Tadashi Machida makes forged hunting knife, cooking knife, Japanese razor, and so much variety of cutleries, because he has great base of forging cutlery background, lots of experiments, researches, and experiences. He has always checked up the blades that he has made with metal microscope. He just studies just by experiences with making cutlery. He study cutlery by science side too. The handle of bamboo look is very fancy and beautiful, but it is not just looks. It is also easier handling while shaving and sharpening. He made the back side of handle with hollow shape.

The blade was made by multiplex layer Nickel and steel.

The steel of the blade edge is Bohler K990.

C: 1.05 Si<0.20 Mn<0.20 P<0.020 S<0.020

It has so many close layers, so I canít count how many layers it has by naked eyes. The wooden case is made of Ichii (Yew Wood) that is engraved by chisel, and oiled leather is attached on the blade edge potion.

The total length of razor: 6 1/4 (160mm) The weight of razor is 1.4oz.

The spine width : 4mm (3/16) The blade width; 21mm (3/4)