Masashi Makiri Damascus 140mm White II steel Fisherman Knife

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Masashi Kobo (Masashi Yamamoto) Makiri Damascus 140mm White II steel Single Bevel blade with Charred Octagonal Shaped Chestnut Handle and wood cover

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I have got very similar knife from Yoshikane in Sanjo, Niigata, because the blacksmith, Mr. Masashi Yamamoto had worked as the blacksmith in Yoshikane. In December 2012, the three of main blacksmiths in Yoshikane (Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Kazuomi Yamamoto, and Mr. Masashi Yamamoto) have started on own business. Mr. Yoshida might make small amount of productions, but he is more like semi-retired, and Mr. Kazuomi Yamamoto has taken over Yoshikane business with a couple of helpers since then. Mr. Masashi Yamamoto has got own business which is Masashi Kobo since then. This knife is made by Mr. Masashi Yamamoto.

Hagane: Hitachi White II steel (pure high carbon steel) {C; 1.00-1.10%, Silicon; 0.10-0.20%, Manganese; 0.20-0.30, Phosphorus; less than 0.025, Sulfur; less than 0.004} Jigene: 5 layered Damascus

It is hard to translate the word MAKIRI in English with my knowledge and vocabulary, but if I am not afraid of the mistakes, and translate it, MA means space or evil spirit or devil, and KIRI means cutter or slasher in Japanese, so MAKIRI means space cutter (time crunch), or evil spirit cutter or devil slasher. Fishermen job that has deep relationship with Mother Nature, so they concern premonition a lot, so they do not want to carry to work on their fishing boat with bad time (feeling) or evil spirit, so they might put on the name of the knife MAKIRI.

MAKIRI is carried with them any situations, so it must be handy tool and life line.

In emergency situation on boat, it is the knife to cut off the rope at the last minute.

Makiri knife is used by fishermen and fish cutters in fish market or fish product company. Fishermen in northern part of Japan carry it all the time on their fishing boat or time to fix their net or equipments.

It is comfortable to carry the small makiri knife, and it is great for fillet fish, or squid, or cutting rope, or net.

It is Damascus single bevel edge. Handle; charred octagonal shaped chestnut with water buffalo horn Saya; Custom Ho (magnolia) wood cover Blade Length; 5 3/4 inch (140mm) Handle Length; 5 inch (128mm) Total Length; 10 1/2 inch (270mm) Knife weight is 3.7oz. The heel part of the back width is 3.0mm (1/8 inch) wide. The width of the blade near the handle: 29mm (1 1/8 inch)