MASASHI Sujihiki 270mm SLD Steel blade Knife

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MASASHI KOBO Sujihiki 270mm SLD Steel blade Sanmai-Uchi Stainless With Charred Oval Shaped Chestnut handle with Custom Magnolia cover

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In December 2012, the three of main blacksmiths in Yoshikane (Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Kazuomi Yamamoto, and Mr. Masashi Yamamoto) started on own their businesses. Mr. Yoshida might make small amount of productions, but he is more like semi-retired, and Mr. Kazuomi Yamamoto has taken over Yoshikane business with a couple of helpers since then. Mr. Masashi Yamamoto has got own business which is Masashi Kobo. This knife was made by Mr. Masashi Yamamoto.

Hagane: Hitachi Steel Co. SLD stainless steel (SKD11) C:1.5%, Si 0.3%, Mn:0.4%, Cr:12%, Mo:0.9%, Vo:0.3%

Blade Length; 10 3/4inch (270mm) from the tip to the heel Handle Length; 5 1/2 inch (138mm) Total Length; 17 inch (430mm) Knife weight: 3oz. The heel part of the spine width is 2.5mm (1/8inch) wide. The width from the heel to the spine: 39mm (1 1/2inch) HANDLE; Charred oval shaped chestnut with Water Buffalo horn bolster BLADE; Hitachi SLD (high quality stainless steel that is used for die or tool or cutlery) with Sanmai Uchi (stainless iron cladding)