Masashi Usuba Damascus 180mm Blue II steel blade Knife

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Masashi Kobo (Mr. Masashi Yamamoto) Usuba Damascus 180mm Blue II steel blade with Ho octagonal shaped handle and Ho wood cover

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In December 2012, the three of main blacksmiths in Yoshikane (Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Kazuomi Yamamoto, and Mr. Masashi Yamamoto) have started on own business. Mr. Yoshida might have made small amount of productions yet, but he is more like semi-retired, and Mr. Kazuomi Yamamoto has taken over Yoshikane business with a couple of helpers since then. Mr. Masashi Yamamoto has got own business which is Masashi Kobo since then. This knife is made by Mr. Masashi Yamamoto.

Hagane: Hitachi Blue II steel; {C; 1.00-1.10%, Silicon; 0.10-0.20%, Manganese; 0.20-0.30, Phosphorus; less than 0.025, Sulfur; less than 0.004, Chrome; 0.20-0.50, Tungsten; 1.0-1.50 } Jigene: 2X15=30 layered Damascus, but I can count 25 layers, so probably, the rest of 5 layers cannot see might be gone by sharpening to set the bevel. The hira (the flat portion on the engraving the next to the bevel is mirror finish, so it is hard to see Tamamoku Damascus pattern by the pictures, but it is able to see it by naked eyes).

Handle; octagonal shaped Ho handle with buffalo ferrule Saya; Custom Ho (magnolia) wood cover that just fit the blade Blade Length (from the tip to the heel); 7 1/16 inch (180mm) Handle Length; 5 1/16 inch (130mm) Total Length; 13 3/16 inch (334mm) Knife weight is 9.2oz. The heel part of the spine width is 5mm (3/16 inch) wide. The width of the blade near the handle: 50mm (2 inch)