MATAGI NAGASA Knife 285mm w/ Oak Wood Handle

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MATAGI NAGASA Knife 285mm Blade oak Wood Handle with Wild Akita Japanese Cedar wood cover.

MATAGI is groups of supermen of hunters in Japan for 600 years of their history. They hunt bear, rabbit, dear, boar, plants, ores, and fish, etc., even they even do it without gun. MATAGI NAGASA is a very reliable knife which they carry it anywhere they go in mountains. They say, as long as they have MATAGI NAGASA Knife, we can survive wherever we go in mountains. It is for skinning and taking a part bear, dear, and boar with just the knife. It can be Haken (piton) to climb up mountain. The blade of the knife is made of Yasuki Hagane which might be the same kinds of the steel as white 2 steel. Yasuki Hagane is controlled by Hitachi Metal Co. after World War II, but MATAGI NAGASA knife is used old stock from before WWII around 1937. It is totally different quality steel from after around 1936 to 1937. Their ancestor blacksmith (grandfather or great grandfather?) bought as much as he could buy, because the steel was so good for a couple years. He knew that by forging and sharpening and using the knives. That is why it is still used as valuable steel for only Matagi Nagasa. It is very precious value steel. The wood is made out of Akita Wild Japanese Cedar that is one of highest quality Japanese cedar. The back of wood cover can use it for cutting board as emergency situation. The Japanese cedar also has antibacterial effect. The blacksmith, Mr. Nishine is the fifth generations of taking over the works to make MATAGI NAGASA Knife to save Fukuro Nagasa as one of traditional Japanese cultural treasures.

The blade length: 285mm (11 1/4 inch) The total length of the knife: 490mm (19 1/4 inch) The backside of the thickest part of the blade: 5mm (1/4 inch) The total weight of the knife: 1lb. 2oz. The width from the heel to the spine: 53mm (2 1/16 inch)

All Sizes of Matagi Nagasa (steel handle or Oak handle):

136mm 180mm 210mm 240mm 285mm

Left hand knife is 10% up.