MONZABURO Mukimono AoKo 180mm Blade Knife

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MONZABURO Mukimono AoKo Knife (7 1/4h, 185mm) for Peeling, Slicing, and Curving Vegetables

Blade length is 7 1/4h (185mm). The handle length is 5 1/4h(130mm) The total length of the knife is 12 1/2h(310mm) The knife weight is 4.9oz. The back of blade thickness on the end is 3mm(3/16h)

This knife is a good size for a small job to medium job peeling or curving or work into various fancy shaped vegetables and fruits. It is for a right hand knife. Handle: Magnolia with a Water Buffalo horn. There is 3 faces on the top side. The each of 3 faces look like octagon shaped handle face, and the rest of the face is round face. The knife cover is also made of Magnolia. The blade is Ao II ko (Blue II steel) . It has ripple mark on the back of the blade.

Hon Kasumi style blade which is harder steel on the blade edge, and softer blade over it on the body of the blade. Those different steels combinations make easier to sharpen knife, and make the knife stronger, and make it easier on the processes of knife making. This knife is brand new knife with paper case and wooden cover.