MONZABURO Yanagiba AoKo 300mm Blade Knife

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MONZABURO Yanagiba Ao Ko Hongasumi 300mm Blade Knife with Magnolia wooden cover

Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd.

Matsui Cultery Co., Ltd. was established in 1932. The company has been created cooking knives for 75 years.

Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd. is one of the companies doing the same level jobs that they make high quality professional use knives, but the price is right. MONZABURO is their major knives series for Professional use. Main Office is located on Mukojima,Tokyo.

It has beautiful ripple mark on the back side of the blade. The blade is made of Yasuki Ao II Ko(blue II steel) Hongasumi style which is blue II steel on the edge of blade and the entire flat concave side, and the body part of blade is soft iron is used. That makes easier to sharpen the knife and makes the knife stronger. The soft iron accepts impact from the edge like shock absorber on automobile. Beautiful unique Magnolia handle that is three of faces like octagon shaped handle and rest of face is round. It has Water Buffalo Bolster.

White II steel is high purity carbon steel. Blue II steel is add on Chromium(Cr) and Tungsten(W) to White Steel.