MONZABURO Yanagiba White II Steel 300mm Blade Knife

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MONZABURO Yanagiba White II Steel Hongasumi 300mm Blade Knife with Magnolia wood cover

Matsui Cutlery Co., Ltd.

Matsui Cultery Co., Ltd. was established in 1932. The company has been created cooking knives for 75 years.

White II steel is high purity carbon steel. That means it can make super sharp edge like razor. Hardness is the same as blue II steel. One thing that we have to take care of well is rust. As long as we use the knife every day with cleaning every day with comet cleanser, it does not worry about rust. If we do not use it for a long time, we should wrap anti-rust paper and we have to check up the rust on the blade every in several months. That should be good enough to take care of it.

Blade Length; 11 3/4inch (300mm) Handle Length; 5 3/4 inch (145mm) Total Length; 17 3/4 inch (455mm) Knife weight is 6.6oz. The end part of the back width is 3.5mm(1/8h) wide.