Moribashi (Chopsticks) Magnolia & Stainless Steel 210mm

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Moribashi(Chopsticks) Magnolia & Stainless Steel for Japanese Chef (8 1/4inch, 210mm) for Tempura or Sashimi or decorating dishes

The total length of chopsticks: 13 1/4inch, 350mm

Purchases from Aritsugu but it is made by Morioka Co. in Japan Japanese Chef always uses these kinds of Chopsticks for Tempra or deep fry or making Sashimi dish or decorating all kinds of dishes, because, it stands for high temperature, and avoids for hands temperature goes to ingredients, and avoids for mixing up many different kinds of smell from each of ingredients. The hand is not also sanitary clean as we know.

Long time ago, the metal parts of chopsticks were made of silver, because it is just like metal detector. It is changed the silver color to dark color as chemical reaction by touching with strong chemical. When the chopsticks touched poison in the dish, it is changed color like your silver jewelry It was used for a poison detector for Lords or high class rank officers by their private chefs.

The chopsticks weight is 2.0oz.

Handle: Magnolia with black color Water Buffalo horn bolster. The metal parts are stainless steel.