Munetoshi Japanese Chef Knife 210mm White 2 SteelHand Forged Blade

Item: munetoshi-japanese-chef-knife-210mm-white-2-steelhand-forged-b2102
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About This Item

Munetoshi Wagyuto Kurouchi Nashiji 210mm White 2 Steel Blade with Octagonal Shaped Magnolia and Water buffalo ferrule Hand Forged Knife

The knife was made by a blacksmith, Munetoshi in Sanjyo, Nigata. It is hand forged knife by the blacksmith. Munetoshi is third generations of blacksmith in Sanjyo, Nigata. Their speciality is sickle and hatchet, but in Hawaii, there are lots of demands for cleaver to cut bones, so I have got the meat cleaver from him too.

Blade Length; 8 1/4 inch (210mm) The width of the blade: 1 7/8inch (48mm) Handle Length; 5 1/4inch (133mm) Total Length; 14 3/8 inch (367mm) Knife weight is 6.8oz. (190.4g) The heel part of the spine width is 3.5mm ( 5/16inch) wide. Handle; octagonal shaped Japanese Magnolia and water buffalo ferrule

BLADE; sanmai-uchi white 2 steel (pure high carbon steel / soft iron cladding) Blackish finish with Nashiji pattern