Nakayama Asagi Tomo Nagura Natural Sharpening Stone 117.6g

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About This Item

Nakayama Asagi Tomo Nagura Japanese Natural Sharpening Stone 117.6g (4.2oz.)

Approximately 42mmX42mmX27mm

This small Nakayama whetstone is for Tomo Nagura. Tomo means the same kind of or sharing. Tomo Nagura means what the both base whetstone on the bottom side and the rubbing or lapping whetstone on the top side are the same kind of whetstone.

How to use Shiro Nagura and Nakayama Tomo Nagura

Some Nakayama whetstones are very hard, and it is hard to get enough slurry. Tomo Nagura is used for it as lapping this small Nakayama whetstone. It is also used for making the base Nakayama whetstone to be flat. Some Nakayama whetstones make scratching on the blade, because it has some kinds of unwanted particles on the surface of whetstone, or hairline cracks make trouble. Even there is perfect clean sharpening surface, if the sharpening surface makes scratches on the blade, because there is not enough slurry.

In those situations, Tomo Nagura might help to prevent the troubles like a buffer. It can make a fine engraving knife whetstone too.

Nakayama is highly sought finishing whetstone even in Japan nowadays. The mine was closed about 30 years ago. At the end of closing Nakayama mine, Kato Mine Co. had owned the mountain, and one of general manager, Mr. Hatanaka in Kato Mine Co. started his business with lots of excellent Nakayama Honyama whetstones, and he put his original logo Nkayama Maruka on his whetstones. Those whetstones stamped Nakayama Maruka were very high quality, so it became famous and the price of whetstones are dealed with much higher than the others sell Nakayama. This whetstone is also from Kato Mine Co. the same time Hatanaka Whetstone Co. took from Kato Mine Co. The owner of this mine company that I got this whetstone told me that it is for sure from Kato Mine Co. about 50 years ago. His grandfather really like to buy and mine whetstones very much, so his grandfather had kept on buying Nakayama Honyama ore whetstones from Kato Mine Co. The owner of this mine company that I got this whetstone is the third generations of mine and whetstone company in Kyoto. Therefore, this whetstone should be the same whetstone and the same or similar quality of Nakayama Maruka.