Non slip rubber block 210mmX105mmX20mm

Item: non-slip-rubber-block-210mmx1121011020
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About This Item

Non slip rubber block 210mmX105mmX20mm (8 1/4inch X 4 1/8inch X 3/4inch) for whetstone base

***if you are looking for different size, it is available up to 400mm(wide)X500mm(wide)X20mm(thickness)

The weight of the rubber block is 16oz. It has dimples on the one side of the surface to prevent the slip by water.

It is made of recycle automobile tire, so it is durable, non slip, and tough like automobile tire.

It is kind of hard rubber, but it is bouncing little. It is hard to wear. I cut it down from large size rubber mat by utility knife, but I needed to slice probably 50 times to cut through the 20mm thickness of the rubber mat. It is hard to slip on the counter top under wet condition. The rubber mat is great for whetstone holder and cleaning the knife blade on the rubber mat.