Ohira Uchigumori Jito 1lb. 15.9oz. (899.2g)

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Ohira Uchigumori Jito 1lb. 15.9oz. (899.2g)


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The sharpening surface is finished by chisel, and it is not flattened yet. It is a small piece for finger stone Japanese sword whet masters need to make unique sharpening surface like convex shape, so usually, Uchigumori is not flattened in new condition like this one. In general speaking, Uchigumori is soft hone, and lines are very soft, so they do not bother for sharpening. Ohira Uchigumori is the one of the best quality of Uchigumori in Japan Uchigumori is usually entry class of the fine grit hone, but it might have pigment or oxidized substance, so it gives the Jigane and Hagane vivid color, and it is not super fine, so it deletes or hides the scratches. If you have experience after used finest grit hone, and it leaves scratches and ugly finish, Uchigumori might help delete or hide the scratches, and it makes little hazy very nice finish. It works as great finishing hone.

Ohira Uchigumori has Hato (Habiki) and Jito (Jibiki). Hato is little softer than Jito, and it gives great result for Japanese sword Hagane finishing process. Jito is little bit harder than Hato and smaller particles of slurry, and it is heavier than Hato. It gives great result for Japanese sword Jigane finishing process. This hone should be Jito that is for sharpening Hagane for Japanese sword. It is also great result to make up Jigane for kasumi look or Damascus look. It also gives great result for high carbon stainless steel blade removing burr or as finishing whetstone. Natural whetstone has wider capacity than artificial whetstone, and actually, we do not know until sharpen blade on the hone for a while, because artificial whetstone molecules do not break down to smaller sizes and contains single sharpening particles, but Natural whetstone molecules are possible to break down to smaller sizes, and there are variety of substances in there, and those molecules are mixed with sharpened steel molecules, and make Jigane as suitable Jigane color, and Hagane as suitable Hagane color. It is natural mystics.