Razor Strop Case 630mm made by Shigemori Aoki (Made in Japan)

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Razor Strop Case 630mm made by Shigemori Aoki (Made in Japan)

****The hardware in the picture is not included with the case. The hardware is used for indicating a hole that is there****

This 630mm version is for #3 or #70000. The entire Cordovan strop is able to hide in the case.

I have looked for a nice razor strop case. I realized that my father has made camera case, camera lens case, I-phone case, knife case, and all kind of bags with leather or synthetic material for big name brand companies. He has worked in the business field for 60 years since he was 15 years old. He started own business early 20 years old, and Aoki Seisakusho that is the name of his company that is still there in Saitama, Japan for 50 years.

It is great for avoiding dust on the strop. Our naked eyes recognize approximately 10 micron size dust, and 10 to 100 micron size dust takes 5 to 30min. going down the floor. The finishing whetstone for razor slurry is 1 micron or smaller size, so there is possibility the dusty strop make damaging the razor blade edge. The material of the razor strop case is synthetic leather material with zipper. It should be fit Kanoyama 600mm size strop. The 600mm strop is able to fit, and it comes out little bit longer than the razor strop itself, because it is 630mm long. The total length is 630mm (24 3/4inch) The width is 75mm (3 inch)