SADAYASU Kawatachi 35mm Yasugi Kigami Steel Blade

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SADAYASU Kawatachi 35mm Yasugi Kigami Steel Blade

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This Kawatachi knife is for cutting leather. I am very familiar with this type knife, because my father is leather case and bag maker for over 50 years. My father factory has always used several of these knives from my childhood. I remember that craftsmen used to cut leather sheets with ruler by the knife. This knife has pounding marks by hummer when it was forged. It can see a line which is put together Jigane and Hagane. It is about 70mm from the edge, so we can use the knife until 70mm line as cutlery.

SADAYASU Mr. Masaaki Kobayashi was born in 1949, and the second generations of blacksmith. His father was apprenticed to a farmer equipment blacksmith, and he had been made forged farmer equipments, but the time had changed, and farmer equipments were harder to sell in Tokyo, so he started making plant cutting scissors, and cooking knife. His son, Mr. Masaaki Kobayashi was apprenticed to his father after graduated high school (he was already help his father�fs business before graduated high school). When he was 48 years old, he took over his father�fs business.

Sadayasu knife has some special features as using just pine charcoal for forging process the same as Japanese sword smith does the traditional way. He mentions what if we have to stop using pine charcoal, we will quit blacksmith. His father also always told him that if you stop using pine charcoal for forging process, you should quit blacksmith, and do not change my way that has showed you the traditional way. Sadayasu knife has very hard blade edge, because pounding the Hagane traditional way from small metal clot very well, and forging with pine charcoal. He mentions that nowadays most of blacksmiths use white steel and blue steel, etc. as ordinary steels, but it used to be special steel as special orders. Our way makes knife on Yasuki yellow steel is hard enough for comparing with those high grade steels. Our knife that is made by yellow steel is harder than other corner-cutting maker�fs white steel blade or blue steel blade. We do Kasumi style (putting together softer steel and harder steel), Sanmai Uchi, and Warikomi (sandwiched harder steel between softer steels), but we do not need to make Honyaki. Because our kasumi style Hagane is hard enough without Honyaki. If we make the same way as Honyaki, it is going to be too hard to use it. Our knife can use until the blade become so small. If 300mm Yanagiba knife became 180mm blade, we are willing to change for you the original handle to petty knife handle as using it, and then you can use it many more years.

This knife has Nantetsu, softer steel and Hagane, Yasuki Yellow II steel ,harder steel blade edge with Kasumi style. Mr. Kobayashi told me that our Hagane is very hard, so when sharpen the blade, it is hard to feel burr with your fingers.

The length of the blade: 35mm The total length of the knife: 185mm Knife weight is 2.5oz. The end part of the spine width is 4.0mm wide.