SHAPTON Glass Diamond Lapping Plate 270/325 Grit

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SHAPTON Glass Diamond Lapping Plate 270/325 Grit, 54/45 micron If a whetstone is not flat, even a professional skilled person for sharpening canft sharpen the blade well. Flatness on the surface of whetstone is bottom line of sharpening skill; however, it is not easy to make the surface of whetstone to be flat. Diamond sharpening stone might be very close to flat at the beginning, but it is peeled off diamond paste from the surface with keep on using it little by little, and it is getting to lose accuracy little by little.

SHAPTON Glass Diamond Lapping Plate is an ideal solution for it to make flat surface of glass stone. It has accuracy up to }3 micron. It is for SHAPTON Glass Stones from 500 grit to 30000 grit. Rough stone makes Glass Diamond Lapping Plate life shorter. It can use 1000 to 3000 times to modify to be flat glass stones.

Weight: 1lb.10.2oz.(739.6) SHAPTON Item NO.50100