SHAPTON Glass Stone 2000 grit for Medium Finishing Whetstone

Item: shapton-glass-stone-2000-grit-for-medium-finishing-whets2000
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Price: $64.00

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SHAPTON Glass Stone 2000 grit, 7.35 micron 210mmX70mmX10mm(stone 5mm/glass 5m) for Medium Finishing Whetstone for Cooking Knife SHAPTON Item NO.50302

This is another my favorite Shapton Glass Series. I use it as medium grit whetstone as the transition to #6000HC. If we do not need finishing sharpening, #2000 grit can be finishing hone. As I mentioned, Shapton sets exactly the same particle size as indicated, so there is no larger size particles are not contaminated. we feel higher grit than #2000 grit in other brand #2000 grit whetstones.