SHAPTON Glass Stone 4000 grit HC Fine Grit Whetstone for Ura Side

Item: shapton-glass-stone-4000-grit-hg-fine-grit-whetstone-for-ura-4000
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Price: $85.00
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About This Item

SHAPTON Glass Stone 4000 grit HC (High Carbon), 3.68 micron 210mmX70mmX10mm (stone 5mm/glass 5m) for Fine Grit Whetstone for flat concave side (Ura side) of Japanese Single Bevel Cutlery or Cooking Knife

It is little bit softer sharpening surface than regular Shapton Glass Stone HR (High Resistance) Series ,so it works great for more sensitive side of single bevel cutlery.

SHAPTON Item NO.50603