SHAPTON Glass Stone High Carbon 8000 grit (HC model)

Item: shapton-glass-stone-high-carbon-8000-grit-hc-m8000
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About This Item

SHAPTON Glass Stone High Carbon 8000 grit (HC model), 1.84 micron 210mmX70mmX10mm (stone 5mm/glass 5m) for Fine Finishing Whetstone for Uraoshi High Carbon Cooking Knife or Razor sharpening.

There is two different SHAPTON Glass Stone 8000 Grit. One is regular hard type (white color) that is called High Rockwell Series (HR). The other one is little more durable version (light gray color) that is called High Carbon Series (HC). High Carbon Series is little bit cost more than High Rockwell Series, but it is excellent for sharpening high carbon edge knife and single bevel edge flat side that is called Uraoshi. We feel HC much softer than HR, but it does not mean wear faster. It is more like tougher or more durable. I have used it a lot almost every day as my work, and it normally worn out about three years, and I think the heavy user takes 5 years, and the rest of home users might take more than 10 years to wear out.

I really love to use it as razor finishing hone too. I have also used #16000, but even #6000HC gets better result for final sharpening for razor blade. The both of them make mirror finish, but #6000HC makes less scratches.

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