SHIGEFUSA Santoku Kitaeji 165mm Blade Knife

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SHIGEFUSA Santoku Kitaeji 165mm Blade Knife With Magnolia Wood Cover

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I think that it has very pretty Kitaeji pattern on this Santoku knife. It is amazing to make beautiful finish without power tools. I think that Shigefusa uses spring hammer, but they do not use sanding machine or wheel whetstone. They use just Sen (a kind of file for blacksmith), file, and whetstones by hands.

Sen is the one of metal shaver that after forging process (before heat treating), the steel (hagane) is not too hard yet, so it is still able to shave the extra-amount of metal with the Sen.

That is the reason why Shigefusa cannot provide us what we need, however after all the processes of Shigefusa knife making, the knife looks little bit different look from the other knife makers made by power tools, and their knives are not under thread of the damage of steel structure by high heat like over 1000 Celsius degree by sparks.

Mr. Tokifusa Iizuka who makes Shigefusa knife had been an apprentice in Sanjo Seisakujo, Iwasaki Razor (Mr.Kousuke Iwasaki and Mr. Shigeyoshi Iwasaki) to learn how to make razor for 10 years, and then Mr.Iizuka wanted to be Japanese cooking knife blacksmith, so Mr. Shigeyoshi Iwasaki introduced Mr. Iizuka to Mr.Munenori Nagashima who makes Japanese sword and Kasumi knife. Mr. Iizuka became an apprentice again to learn how to make knives to Mr. Nagashima before starting own business Shigefusa. Mr. Iizuka has two sons (over 40 years old) and they make Shigefusa Knives with their father now.

Honyaki knife is harder to crook after using the knife for a long time, but it is very hard to sharpen. Kasumi knife is easier to sharpen but it might be crooked after using for a long time.

Shigefusa Kitaeji knife is an ideal knife that is harder to crook and easier to sharpen the blade, and the knife is very famous with super sharp edge.

Kitaeji (Damascus) style blade is made of so many times holding over Jigane and steel(Hagane). Mr. Iizuka had spent his lots of efforts for a long time to find right Hagane (Sweden steel) for his knives that is used his knives.

Blade Length; 6 1/2inch (165mm) Handle Length; 5 inch (128mm) Total Length; 12 1/4inch (310mm) Knife weight is 5.3oz. The heel part of the back width is 3mm ( 1/8 inch) wide. The width from the heel to the spine is 47mm ( 1 7/8 inch) HANDLE; Magnolia with Water Buffalo horn bolster BLADE; Pure High Carbon Sweden steel blade edge Kitaeji Style (Damascus) blade: Gokunan-tetsu and pure carbon steel