SHIGEFUSA Usuba 210mm Kasumi Swedish Pure high Carbon steel Blade

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SHIGEFUSA Usuba 210mm Kasumi Swedish Pure high Carbon steel Blade Knife With Magnolia handle with Magnolia cover

****It is Kasumi blade, but there are layers of Jigane on the jigane portion on the bevel and flat concave side of near the handle of the spine. It might be used Kitaeji Jigane****

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Mr. Tokifusa Iizuka who makes Shigefusa knife had been an apprentice in Sanjo Seisakujo(Mr.Kousuke Iwasaki and Mr. Shigeyoshi Iwasaki) for 10 years, and then Mr.Iizuka wanted to be Japanese cooking knife blacksmith, so Mr. Shigeyoshi Iwasaki introduced Mr. Iizuka to Mr.Munenori Nagashima who makes Japanese sword and Kasumi knife. Mr. Iizuka became an apprentice again to learn how to make knives to Mr. Nagashima before starting own business Shigefusa. Mr. Iizuka has two sons, and Shigefusa Knives are making with their father now.

Kasumi style blade is made of soft iron (Jigane) and steel on the blade edge, Swedish steel (Hagane). It is not ordinary Swedish steel. Mr. Iizuka has researched all kinds of steels for blade, and it was found out. It is Swedish pure high Carbon steel, but we do not know which one it is.

Blade Length (tip to Machi); 8 1/4inch (210mm) Handle Length; 5 1/2 inch (140mm) Total Length; 14 inch (355mm) Knife weight is 9.0oz. The heel part of the spine width is 5mm (3/16 inch) wide.

HANDLE: Magnolia with Water Buffalo horn bolster BLADE: Hagane; Pure high Carbon Swedish steel Jigane; soft iron low carbon steel that can see layers, so it might use Kitaeji jigane