Shinden Suita Tomo Nagura Japanese Natural Sharpening Stone 112g

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About This Item

Shinden Suita Tomo Nagura Japanese Natural Sharpening Stone 112g (5.9oz.)

Approximately 45mmX30mmX28-30mm (thickness)

This small Shinden Suita whetstone is for Tomo Nagura. Tomo means the same kind of or sharing. Tomo Nagura means what the both base whetstone on the bottom and the rubbing side of whetstone on the top is the same kind of whetstone, and rubbing each other to get slurry. Some of Shinden whetstones are kind of hard, and it is hard to get slurry at the beginning. Tomo Nagura is used for the situation. It is also used for making the base Shinden Suita whetstone for lapping to remove residues making slow down the cutting speed. Some Shinden Suita whetstones make scratching on the blade, because it has some kinds of unwanted particles on the surface of whetstone, or hairline cracks, or sometimes, nothing wrong with base Shinden whetstone, but the blade does not fit well or does not move smoothly like vibrating the movement of the blade on the whetstone, which is called Hikitsuri in Japanese. In those situations, Tomo Nagura might help to prevent the troubles like a buffer. It can be big enough to sharpen a small engraving knife or chisel whetstone itself too.