Shobu Tomo Nagura Japanese Natural Sharpening Stone 112g

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About This Item

Shobu Tomo Nagura Japanese Natural Sharpening Stone (hard type and very fine in the fine grit) 112g (4oz.)

42mmX44mmX22mm #6000 to #10000 Grit

This small Shobu whetstone is for Tomo Nagura. Tomo means the same kind of or sharing. Tomo Nagura means what the both base whetstone on the bottom side and the rubbing side of whetstone on the top side are the same kind of whetstone, and rubbing each other to produce slurry. Some of Shobu Asagi or Aisa whetstones are hard, and it is sometimes hard to get slurry at the beginning of sharpening, so it produces very little slurry while the sharpening our blade. Tomo Nagura is used for the situation. It is also used for making the base Shobu whetstone to be flat as lapping stone. With sharpening with not enough amount of slurry, the whetstone might make scratching on the blade. It can be good enough size to be a small engraving knife or small chisel whetstone itself too. There are over 30 of mines in Kyoto, but there are not too many razor quality hard and fine particles whetstones mines. Nakayama, Ozuku, and Wakasa are a few of mines that produce razor whetstones. Shobu also has very hard and very fine grit razor quality whetstone. Umegahata area used to produce great finishing hones too.